The Origins & Spread of Near Eastern Agriculture
PPNB Jericho c.8000BC


This website has been put together to aggregate information that has been published, in often fragmentary form, in books and papers.  This website retains the numbering as it appeared in the original document, which  enables me to keep the document and the site at the same version level without difficulty.  However, although it certainly makes life easier for me, it does look slightly strange on a web page.

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31st October 2011

Home page updated and broken links fixed


3rd September 2005

My apologies to Dr Bonogofsky for my failure to provide a citation for her work on Levantine and Anatolian Neolithic skulls, and my thanks to her for pointing this out.  The citation has now been corrected both in paragraph 5.4.7 (Burials and Religion) on the PPNB page, and in the Bibliography. 


21st August 2005

Chalcolithic section updated


29th May 2005

  • Dates for all periods standardized by reference to a single text (Rosen 1997) - thanks to John Brooke for pointing out that this needed doing!
  • Revision of menu structure for Earlier Neolithic and Appendices pages
  • Some of the dodgy paragraph numbering fixed!


28th May 2005

  • Chalcolithic section added
  • Additional details re Yarmoukian, Jericho IX and Wadi Rabah phases added
  • Bibliography updated


10th May 2005

Whole site re-edited for spelling errors and typos.


24th April 2005

  • Additional notes re the Natufian
  • Updates to Bibliography


21st April 2005

Bibliography added (one or two references still to be added)

v. 1.1

29th March 2005

  • Additional references
  • Geology section added

v. 1.0

3rd March 2005

First complete version, distributed for comment

Draft 0.2

26th February 2005

Second Draft – Edited version of first draft

Draft 0.1

7th February 2005

First Draft – shelved pending edit-review


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